As Mothers Day fast approaches, my children have asked me what I would like them to buy me. To be honest I’ve asked for cuddles and mugs of tea on tap. Being a single parent means what ever the get me I’ll be paying for myself. As we’ve just moved house, we’ve had so many expenses and still more to come that there isn’t much cash for treats. It doesn’t bother me and I don’t take offence over not getting gifts. However, I have mentally made a noticing a few things that might be nice to have. Crockery I love… View Post

Crustless quiche is a great meal to make for an easy starter or for anyone to enjoy whilst limiting their calorie intake.  This recipe is filling and it’s lovely served with a fresh salad. At times the pastry can be a little filling and I don’t always fancy that. Instead I like to make a crust less option. Ingredients 2 eggs Splash of milk Thinly sliced ham Grated cheese Chopped spring onion Seasoning Method Beat the two eggs, add milk & season Pour in to an individual oven dish Add spring onion, cheese & ham Bake for around 15 to… View Post

I find meal planning to be a great benefit to us. It not only saves money as I find I waste less food but it also makes preparing meals so much easier. We don’t stick to the plan rigidly as sometimes with Internet shopping I find dates on food as sometimes not what I expect but we eat the weeks planned meals. This week we are having: Monday – Sunday’s left over roast chicken Tuesday – Pizza Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese Thursday – Brinner Friday – Pork Chops Saturday – Chicken Curry Sunday – Roast Do you meal plan?  Do… View Post

There is nothing more warming on a cold winters day that a bowl of piping hot homemade soup. Even more delicious is when it has a little warm kick of chili and is served with warm homemade bread. We love homemade soup and eat it quite often. It’s the sort of meal where you just grab any vegetables you have to hand and can be very economical to make too. This recipe is so easy and you will soon have a nutritious family meal. I also find homemade soups are a great way of getting vegetables in to the children.… View Post

These maltesers cakes are quick and easy to make but taste divine.  Children will not only enjoy eating them but can also help to make and decorate them.  They make a lovely addition to any children’s party. As well as making individual maltesers cakes you can also make one large cake.  To make a show stopper cake for a children’s party split the batter between 2 8″ tins and bake until firm.  Then use a round pastry cutter to cut a circle out of one of the cakes.  Place this cake on the bottom and fill with maltesers before sandwiching… View Post