It’s the season to be outside as much as possible and naturally we’re not going to want to starve. But will throwing a few sausages on the bbq and opening a couple of beers really tip us over into bliss this summer? Or is it time to freshen up the eating out experience and steal a few ideas from others who (admit it) do everything with a whole lot more élan than we seem to manage most of the time? From long, lazy Sunday lunch on the terrace to the art of aperitif and proper afternoon tea, here are some… View Post

Steak and Kidney Pie has to be one of my favourite savoury dishes to make.  If I’m being honest its one of my favourite to eat too.  Big chunks of meat cooked in stock and Guinness topped with golden puff pastry.  My mouth is watering at the very thought of it! When I am making steak and kidney pie I always purchase my steak and kidney from a butcher.  I purchase most of my meat from my local butcher.  I love how knowledgeable they are.  How they have such great quality and a much better range of cuts available.  they… View Post

This beetroot chutney is a homemade one that I love to keep at hand for adding to burgers and cold meat platters or as a simple dip for raw vegetables.   To make the beetroot chutney you need: 500g fresh beetroot (not ready peeled and pickled), peeled and finely chopped 1kg cooking apples, peeled and chopped. 275g of red onion, finely chopped 2cm piece of fresh ginger, grated, 50g crystallised stem ginger, finely chopped. 375g soft light brown sugar 1 tsp table salt 1tsp Ground allspice 750ml red wine vinegar. Place the beetroot, apple, red onion, gingers, sugar, salt and… View Post

There is nothing more satisfying than spending time baking something yummy and filling for my family and friends, especially when it is something as yummy as this gooey butter cake.  I adore cooking for others. Especially if it puts a smile on people’s faces. I’ll happily get involved with catering for other people’s events but only on the condition others stay out of my kitchen. I am not a fan of other people ‘meddling’ when I’m cooking. Cook do the washing up, oh yes please, but never meddle in the cooking part. I hadn’t spent an afternoon cooking due to… View Post

Wow, its hard to believe that another week has flown by so quickly.  we are going for simple meal planning this week as we have a lot on and to be honest I’m not feeling 100% which won’t help with the food preparation. This week as part of our family meal planning we will be having: Monday – Meatballs Tuesday – Brinner Wednesday – Chicken Curry Thursday – Pork Chops Friday – Going out for a meal Saturday – I’m away so kids will have takeaway Sunday – Roast Chicken Hope you have a lovely week.  Do you know what you… View Post