I love cooking and baking.  I really enjoy making homemade food for my family and friends.  I enjoy spending an afternoon in the kitchen preparing a tasty meal but there are also time when I want and quick and easy dish that hits the taste buds just right.  I adore making both sweet and savoury meals.  When I am entertaining I want to give my guests a quick and easy starter that I can prepare in advance.  There are also other times when I want a quick, easy and tasty meal.  A meal that is light yet tasty.  A meal… View Post

I’m always looking for an easy to prepare meal which is tasty and filling.  One of my families favourite beef meals in slow cooker beef stroganoff.  This is a great recipe as I can start it before I go to work and its already when I return from home.  Slow cooking the beef mans it is always tender and melts in the mouth.  It also means you can buy cheaper cuts of meats from your butcher as the beef is cooked slowly meaning it isn’t tough. This beef stroganoff is a very filling meal and the paprika gives a lovely… View Post

When I hear the phrase keeping chickens my heart just grows.  You see we are a chicken keeping family.  We are in fact owned by the lovely ladies who are certainly part of our family. Sometimes I feel they are the only ones listening to me when I speak but then I remember that’s because I’m stood there with a bag of golden corn in my hand.  A little daily treat for  my girls for producing such yummy eyes for us.  Golden corn that adds to the most amazing gold colour of their yolks. At the moment we have 7… View Post

It’s the season to be outside as much as possible and naturally we’re not going to want to starve. But will throwing a few sausages on the bbq and opening a couple of beers really tip us over into bliss this summer? Or is it time to freshen up the eating out experience and steal a few ideas from others who (admit it) do everything with a whole lot more élan than we seem to manage most of the time? From long, lazy Sunday lunch on the terrace to the art of aperitif and proper afternoon tea, here are some… View Post

Steak and Kidney Pie has to be one of my favourite savoury dishes to make.  If I’m being honest its one of my favourite to eat too.  Big chunks of meat cooked in stock and Guinness topped with golden puff pastry.  My mouth is watering at the very thought of it! When I am making steak and kidney pie I always purchase my steak and kidney from a butcher.  I purchase most of my meat from my local butcher.  I love how knowledgeable they are.  How they have such great quality and a much better range of cuts available.  they… View Post